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Having Christian parents, I heard the gospel in church as a child,  even was sent  to a Christian school from first grade through third. When the teen years came, I made worldly friends, went my own way, did drugs, stayed in trouble in school (spent a lot of quality time with the principals) and thought I was living it up.   When one of my friends careened around a curve on 2 wheels while on drugs, with me & other friends in the car, I sobered up, knowing I had a close call with death, and wasn't ready.  I asked them to stop & let me out, ten minutes later they were busted by the cops.  Many of those friends I had either died, went to prison or like myself God has miraculously saved.  The Lord sent Christians to speak to me about my soul and often scared me with the reality of hell. Through a church video, a painter who picked me and a buddy up while hitchhiking (and skipping school) and then preached from Genesis to Revelation while putting the fear of God in us by pounding on his dashboard the whole time, and a couple of young ladies who blindsided me with milk and cookies then started witnessing to me , and several others relentlessly pursuing me with the gospel. Would you believe the painter picked me and my buddy (Charles Frisbie) up twice that same day?   Everywhere I went, I met Christians, and I knew Christ was on my trail, warning me and calling me.  One night at home during a horrific lightning storm, I was afraid for my soul, dropped to my knees by my bed, and asked Christ to forgive me, change me and save me. 

Now when I went to church, God sent Christians my age to befriend me and encourage me, as well as leaders in my church.  I again asked my parents to send me to a Christian school where I grew more, and then went to Christian colleges to study to preach and win lost souls to Christ.  It was in high school that I met my future wife, and we married 9 years later after we both got our degree. Our desire is to encourage the believers by God's word, and with our lives, and be a light for Christ wherever we are. Our prayer for our daughter is that God will guide her and use her talents for His glory.

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